Back Streets | Rıza Baba in a coma

Back Streets | Rıza Baba in a coma
Meanwhile, the team will have to deal with a much destructive incident at the hospital
Episode 408 – Season Finale

Rıza is brought to the hospital for emergency surgery and the medical staff doesn’t wait for Doctor Reşat to arrive. Knowing how it is like to face the possibility of losing a soulmate, Suat supports Ayla and Pınar fully. As Nazike stay over to watch the kids at Rıza’s, Pınar and Suat rush to the hospital. Meanwhile, the crew get their hands on the security cam records of the shop Rıza was shot at and they are shocked to see Deniz is the one who shot him. Azmi learns from the news that Rıza is shot and is in a coma. Azmi has taken Erdal, Sado and Maksut under his protection in his own fallen state, having lost his previous power. The organization leader talks to Azmi on a satellite phone. He is cornered with nowhere to go. The organization gives him his new task. He’ll survive if he succeeds and if he doesn’t, he may have to pay the price with his life. Faruk from the intelligence department informs Arif about the Azmi situation. The squad is under serious threat, Rıza is in critical condition and Azmi is trapped. He needs to destroy Rıza and his team. He is left with only one bullet: his son Erdal. Erdal is sent to the hospital carrying a bag, supposedly filled with money. He walks into the hospital with the joy of possibly seeing Selin. She is the first one to recognize the situation and with her reaction, the team acts swiftly though in shock. Right in that moment, the bag decorated with a bomb – a bomb even Erdal doesn’t even know he’s been carrying all along—goes off inside the hospital where the team and the families are waiting…

Season Finale airs tonight on Kanal D at 20:00