Intersection | Feyza fires her gun after revelation of truth

Intersection | Feyza fires her gun after revelation of truth
Feyza doesn't hesitate as she pulls the trigger to punish whoever's responsible for Barış's death

Episode 26 – Season Finale

Umut and Genco are arrested for Emre’s murder who beat up Umut’s sister Gökçe and it comes as a disaster. Neslihan is disturbed by Naz’s presence around Umut who doesn’t want to leave Umut alone during this tough times. Naz is clueless as she doesn’t know what to do, especially when she cut all ties with Ali Nejat, who grows even closer with his ex-love interest Eylül.

Ali Nejat tells Feyza that Murat’s hostile behavior towards him is because of Didem. Yet Feyza is blinded by her love for Murat. On the other hand, Enver still firmly believes Feyza is in love with him and that they’ll go back to their happy days sooner or later.

Enver is shocked after finally being sure that Murat has a role in Barış’s death. His shock comes because the kill order was made by someone else other than Murat. Ali Nejat and Enver face a bitter truth as they search for the answer to whomever would want to kill him. Feyza, however, doesn’t hesitate one moment wheh she fires her gun after she finds out about the ultimate truth.

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