Şahane Damat | Mehmet dragged into Melike's love-game

Şahane Damat | Mehmet dragged into Melike's love-game
In exchange for Melike's silence regarding the scandalous affair, Mehmet has to play the groom 
Episode 2

Mehmet is forced to play along after Melike blackmails him. Melike will not speak of Diva and his uncle’s affair and in return Mehmet will act like the groom-to-be. Yet, with Sağlam family moving into Tahsin’s place and the Diva residing currently at Mehmet’s place makes things harder for the ‘couple’.

Instantly falling in love with her soon-to-be son-in-law, Kazibe smothers Mehmet. Diva also tries to break free from her chambers. To top it all off, Hayati’s wife Suna hires a private detective to tail Hayati.

Just when the entire country is about to find out about Diva and her mysterious affair, Melike makes a genius move to dodge the scandal and Mehmet is left in admiration of her intelligence. For the first time he starts to figure out what kind of a girl she is. However, the lying couple is dragged into another series of lies with engagement ring drama.

In the meantime, Cennet reads Tahsin’s Hit-n-Run book and makes a decision to go to the Love Doctor’s conference. This visit will result in an epic war between the two.

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