Life Song | Mahir forced to snitch on Hülya

Life Song | Mahir forced to snitch on Hülya
Mahir will have to betray Hülya in order to save his other Emine
Episode 21

Cem and Zeynep’s plan goes smoothly and Mahir’s mother Emine gets kidnapped. Mahir will have to confess about Hülya’s secret in order to be able to save his mother Emine. He has very limited time to save Emine who is sick, and Hülya seems to have been left alone in her battle. Aylin comes to İstanbul to see Kerim face to face and come clean about the events that resulted in Kerim’s expulsion from the university. Kerim has already decided that this confrontation be made in front of the entire family and he invites Aylin home. Filiz and Nurgül meet Bayram to tell him the truth about Mehmet and that his real mother is Filiz. Hülya is cornered in every possible way and she’s going to have to make a choice.

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