Hayat Sevince Güzel | An old friend shows up only to cause confusion

Hayat Sevince Güzel | An old friend shows up only to cause confusion
Zeynep's arrival causes problems between Barış and Zarife's blooming romance
Episode 4

Şıpıldak village is excited to hold the elections. Zarife’s vote will determine the faith of Göçer family. As everybody eagerly waits for the results, fate makes yet another move. Zeynep, Zarife’s childhood friend who shows up years later, is crushed by an unexpected confrontation.
Barış, who thinks his past is way behind now, finds himself in the middle of this confrontation. This problem he needs to handle first and foremost harms his relationship with Zarife.
Village-head and Rüstem cause chaos in the village because neither will back down. Toprak family are in a bind because of their plans targeting Zarife. Şinasi uses every opportunity to push Savaş and Barış about the secret formula of the ointment.
Meanwhile, Osman tries every possible way to unite with Emine but fails. Zarife finds out about an unpredictable connection between her newfound romance interest Barış and her old friend Zeynep. How will she manage this confusing and tricky situation?

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