LadyVille | Ferit and Koptagel take the ladies for a ride

LadyVille | Ferit and Koptagel take the ladies for a ride
Ferit asks for İlkgün's help in event-planning and they get to spend more time
Episode 10

Koptagel’s minibus that arrives at the village and the fact that he gets beaten up by İsmail brothers become the talk of the town. As Koptagel does his best to have them prosecuted, Fikret objects while everybody is shocked that he is standing up for them. On the one side, the women of the village also believe that Koptagel needs to be judged for disobeying the village rules. As he tries to escape this situation, Koptagel and Ferit cooperate to convince the women about the minibus so they organize a trip. Ferit asks for İlkgün’s help in the organization and it helps the two spend more time. With her father’s permission, she starts an organization in the village to take the women of the village and take them on a tour around the village. The head of the village strongly objects to this plan. Despite the objection, however, Ferit and Koptagel take them secretly anyway. Yet, for the women who leave their town for the first time in their lives, this trip is going to be packed with trouble…

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