Back Streets | Rıza Baba knocked down with a bullet

Back Streets | Rıza Baba knocked down with a bullet
Rıza tries to help stop a robbery but gets shot
Episode 407

Zümrüt leads a miserable life with her kids Ceylan and Deniz after her husband dies in a work-related accident. They owe huge amounts of rent to their landlord Çetin. He wants to take Ceylan as his second wife in exchange for their rent but Zümrüt says no. Deniz is the trouble teenager of the household. Rıza helps Zümrüt, finds her a job and tries to talk some sense into Deniz in a fatherly manner. However, his advice doesn’t work. Rıza is forced to make vacation plans after Ayla and Pınar give him attitude. Later, he witnesses a robbery while he’s shopping for chocolate to give his grandchildren. As he tries to take care of the situation, the bullet that’s fired out of Deniz’s gun, whom he tried to help earlier, knocks him down good…

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