The Return | Orhan Yarımcalı's story ends tonight

The Return | Orhan Yarımcalı's story ends tonight
Find out how Orhan and Leyla's love story finalizes
Series Finale

Adile puts Orhan through so much misery. He will have to confront his brother regarding Veli and Sanem’s actions. While all his enemies go after Orhan, he is only interested in protecting his family. Musa’s illogical behavior will surprise yet again.
Leyla comes to the point of nearly sacrificing Kemal’s life in order to protect Orhan. For the first time, Cemil experiences his paternal instinct supersedes everything. In their timeless love story, we’ll witness the unexpected finale of Orhan Yarımcalı’s fight against his enemies and what’ll become of Leyla and Orhan’s love, who claims love doesn’t always mean total reunion…

Final episode of “The Return” is on ATV tonight at 20:00