Intersection | Naz and Ali Nejat break up

Intersection | Naz and Ali Nejat break up
Naz decides to break up from Ali Nejat after she feels neglected and threatened by Eylül's presence
Episode 25

Influenced by Ali Nejat’s words, Eylül decides to stay in İstanbul and she talks to Ali Nejat about what she knows regarding Barış’s death. He goes after those who are responsible for the death along with Enver. Enver has already spotted the truck driver who ran into Ali Nejat’s car. It seems that the accident was in fact a murder and all the signs lead to Murat.

Ali Nejat’s change of heart about moving abroad, Eylül’s decision to stay and the abundance of guns around her makes Naz anxious. With the addition of Ali Nejat’s lack of interest in her forces her to make a separation decision. Ali Nejat and Eylül run into each other at a rather special place for both. Eylül learns about Ali Nejat and Naz’s break-up.

After Emre is found dead in a dumpster, all suspicion is directed at Umut and Genco. Umut is detained as number one suspect. While she’s at Ayhan’s restaurant, Naz has a moment of realization when Eylül and Kaan show up together. Ali Nejat spots Murat by Didem’s grave and he is shocked to hear the things Murat talks about. Murat apparently has a whole another series of reasons behind his animosity towards Ali Nejat…

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