Never Let Go | Nur makes an epic mistake

Never Let Go | Nur makes an epic mistake
Nur's big mistake will affect everybody's life around her
Season Finale

Fikret is finally free of her brother’s wrath after abusing Fatih’s interest in Nur. Nur, on the other hand, suffers the loss of losing a good friend. After learning from Aytül that İclal is seeing Fırat, Yiğit goes to Fırat first but after failing to find him, he visits İclal. Their confrontation will be a scene to talk about. Finally realizing Fikret’s devilish nature, Nur wants to breaks things off with her but she is too late. Yaren’s tactics have worked and Emin falls apart from Yağmur, who is oblivious to the whole situation-until she catches them making out! Despite Cahit’s every warning, Nazan doesn’t stop messing with Elmas, who is to have a rough child birth. İclal is so caught up in her romance with Fırat that she has to make a difficult choice. Meanwhile, after taking the pills Fikret secretly gave her, Nur loses her natural balance and makes a mistake that’ll change everyone’s lives.

Season’s last episode is on Show TV tonight at 21:00