Wedlock | Who is Yekta's secret accomplice?

Wedlock | Who is Yekta's secret accomplice?
While everybody thinks it is Filiz, Yekta's partner in crime is someone entirely different
Episode 25

Yekta thinks he’s been stopped because of the illegality regarding his hospital business, he plans on finding out who’s behind this to confront him/her. He starts studying Aylin closely, along with everybody around her. Even though he knows their intention is to get Aylin and the children, he doesn’t reveal. There is already someone helping him with information and, unlike what most people think, it’s not Filiz. What’s more, this person volunteers to help Yekta unexpectedly. Aylin and her supporters prepare for a grand escape unaware of all this while Yekta gets ready to play his counter-move. This move’s big hero is none other than Duru. Meanwhile, İdil prepares her own justice in the clinic she’s been locked away at. She gets everything she needs with a sudden proposition of collaboration.

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