Broken Pieces | Season Finale!

Broken Pieces | Season Finale!
Cansu and Deniz's marriage ceremony will be the catalyst of a reality rush for Rahmi, Cihan and many others
Episode 71

Dilara abandons Harun once again for believing that Maide and Harun set her up in unison. Harun, however, will confront Maide for going behind his back. Wanting to leave everything behind, Candan offers Ozan to go outside the country.

Fed up with Yeliz’s pregnancy pressures and Hazal’s insistence on getting married, Özgür looks for an escape route but finds himself in even greater danger. Hazal decices to move in with Özgür but she loses it when she finds out about Yeliz’s pregnancy. Their big fight ends in an unexpected way and everyone’s fate will be affected.

Despite her father’s strong opposition, Cansu doesn’t want to leave Deniz. The lovers find the solution in getting married. However, at the wedding hall, surprise awaits them. Following Cansu, Rahmi faces the real face of his ‘close friend’ Çolak Burhan. Çolak Burhan puts his biggest leverage to use and comes clean to Cihan about the biggest secret regarding his sister’s death.

Rahmi doesn’t take the gravity of the situation very well. He takes his gun and sets out to Cihan’s office. Now he lost his son too and this leaves him with no will to live. When the gun in his hand fires, Maide is there as well as Cihan and Ayşe.

Is Hazal going to be a murderer? What will Cihan do when he finds out Rahmi’s true colors? Will Rahmi kill himself? What’ll come of Cansu and Deniz’s decision? Is it finally all over for Dilara and Harun? Will Ozan leave with Candan?

Season finale of “Broken Pieces” is on Star TV