Bergüzar and Halit to play a couple once again!

Bergüzar and Halit to play a couple once again!
The last time Bergüzar Korel and Halit Ergenç played an on-screen couple was during 'Binbir Gece' which became a global sensation
Kanal D’s much anticipated new project for the new season, Vatan Haini (‘Traitor’), starring Halit Ergenç finally has a female lead!

The series continued their search for the cast list and Taylan Brothers’ selection for the character Azize became none other than Bergüzar Korel.

Esteemed actress will play the beautiful Balkan bride Azize, wife of Lieutenant Cevdet, played by Halit Ergenç. Vatan Haini will air this upcoming season on Kanal D.

Country or family?

Cevdet is a lieutenant towards the end of the Balkan war. He is a brave soldier for his country, a loving father to his children, a good son to his mother and a devoted husband to his wife Azize.

To him, “your life or your country?” comes as an easy question. Yet, his test will be “Your country or your family?” Azize, on the other hand, will be tested on her love for her country as opposed to her love for her husband.

Directed by Taylan Brothers and produced by Nermin Eroğlu with O3 Medya, Vatan Haini tells the story of a family trying to reunite after breaking apart in the middle of a great war. It is the story of a love so enchanted, passionate and unforgettable; trying to stay alive in the shadows of the war.

Written by Necati Şahin and Nuran Evren Şit, the series will start shooting in August.