LadyVille | Ferit busted by both fathers at İlkgün's home!

LadyVille | Ferit busted by both fathers at İlkgün's home!
İlkgün helps Ferit sneak out
Episode 9

Ferit finally manages to send Bengisu away to İstanbul after he busts her next to İlkgün. However, in order to send her away Ferit has to come clean about a secret to Buralı İsmail about İlkgün. İlkgün reacts seriously after she hears of it. As Ferit tries to make time to prove to İlkgün that he is right, he learns from Songun who arrives at the van to see Cüneyt that her father and Erol aren’t home. Seeing this as an opportunity, he goes to see İlkgün, but he gets caught by both his own father and Düzgün. Because of Ramadan month, Düzgün and Fikri are finally in good terms but Fikri’s intimacy with İsmails causes water to boil again.

In the meantime, Koptagel is the favorite of the village. On the one hand Düzgün plans to marry his daughter to Koptagel and on the other Döne chases Koptagel constantly. Koptagel chases one thing and one thing only: his minibus that he’s trying to have brought over from İstanbul...

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