Kertenkele | Red Dragon continues with his hit list

Kertenkele | Red Dragon continues with his hit list
Hicabi and Ünsal are anxious about Kızıl Ejder's (Red Dragon) hit list 
Episode 70

As people still experience aftershocks of Kızıl Ejder’s murders, Ünsal somehow gets ahold of his hit-list and figures everyone is at risk of being killed. Hicabi is on the move to protect the people he loves from Kızıl Ejder’s wrath. After his case is closed and he is released, Kertenkele is determined to face him and avenge what happened with Şevket. However, Zehra wants to flee out of the country with Kertenkele to escape Kızıl Ejder. Still after the ones who are responsible for his brother’s death, Kızıl Ejder comes up with a cunning plan to leave Akıncı outside of the equation. As a result of this plan, Kertenkele and Kara Kemal will face the risk of their own deaths.

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