Back Streets | Erdal takes Selin hostage

Back Streets | Erdal takes Selin hostage
After next week, Selin is held hostage one more time
Episode 406

The crew is shocked to hear Azmi will be put to trial back in his hometown. Rıza and Mesut visit prosecutor Fikret and demand some information about the situation. Erdal still hides in Bekir’s place. Azmi leaves prison with lawyer Uğur and asks him to find Erdal. They drive for the airport but as they go, Rıza and Mesut stop their convoy. Rıza has a few last words to say to Azmi. With a legal permit, they access Erdal’s phone and e-mail past, also new lawyer Uğur is also tracked to reach Erdal. Meanwhile, Erdal meets Uğur to give him the money Azmi sent. Erdal is having the time of his life at a remote villa with the cash he got from Emre. The crew finally manages to reach Erdal through Emre. They raid the house he’s at with a girl. When Erdal takes the girl hostage, Selin puts herself forward.

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