Intersection | Enver reveals his suspicions about Barış's death

Intersection | Enver reveals his suspicions about Barış's death
Enver's revelation shocks Feyza
Episode 24

Feyza is furious to learn her father Tarık has made her life a subject of bargain. Enver tells Feyza that Barış’s death wasn’t just an accident. This comes as the second blow for Feyza.

Murat goes to the mansion and finds Tarık passed out on the floor. Meanwhile, he doesn’t realize how he exposes a secret about himself. After putting a gun to Enver’s head, Murat is shaken with a news he receives.

İbo learns that it was Murat who helped pay his debt. This brings Ali Nejat and Murat to a level of fist-fight but it also exposes Murat’s secret. Hearing what happened to Gökçe, Umut beats Emre to near death.

Naz wants to go abroad and flee all this chaos after her application gets accepted. However, Ali Nejat tells her that it is impossible under these circumstances. It seems that the couple’s fights are becoming frequent occurrences. Eylül is at the airport to return home, but the text message she sends Ali Nejat changes plans.

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