Wedlock | Aylin may ditch Yekta after all

Wedlock | Aylin may ditch Yekta after all
Proving Selçuk is alive can help defeat Yekta for good
Episode 24

After witnessing the scheme Yekta planned against Yılmaz and Handan, Aylin’s only hope rests with İdil. If she found Selçuk like she said she did, then this means they’ll be rid of Yekta forever. İdil takes Selçuk’s pictures to prove he’s alive but she keeps them to herself. She has no other choice but release him from the carehouse he stays at.

After Yekta hurts his mother once more after not inviting her to the wedding, Aylin declares she’ll never go to Canada with him. This causes Yekta to change his departure to an earlier date. Aylin now has only two days to save herself from this dead equation. As she looks for ways to stop Yekta, Sabri shows up with a compelling idea.

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