Yüksek Sosyete | Cansu and Kerem's paths cross

Yüksek Sosyete | Cansu and Kerem's paths cross
As they both try a different life than they were dealt, Cansu and Kerem find love in each other
Episode 1

Cansu, daughter of one of the most recognized families in İstanbul’s elite, follows the little signs life gives her to turn over a new leaf. Kerem is the only son of a couple who served a wealthy family their entire lives. He agrees to switch places with his childhood friend Mert for a month to achieve his dreams and goals. It is exactly then that Cansu and Kerem’s paths cross. In a world where both of them hide who they really are, is it time for love to finally conquer all?

Yüksek Sosyete starts tomorrow, June 16th, on Star TV at 20:00