Endless Love | Is Nihan pregnant?

Endless Love | Is Nihan pregnant?
The possibility of such pregnancy is a gamechanger for many 
Episode 35

Passing out at Kemal’s engagement party puts much suspicion into Nihan’s mind and she wants to know why she did. The reflection of the same doubt in Emir’s mind is quite shattering. If Nihan is pregnant, then that child’s birth is impossible for both Emir and Asu. It is time for nemesis siblings to unite for one common cause.

Kemal and Asu’s engagement party ends at justice hall after Ozan and Zeynep get caught. Just as Emir planned it, Ozan is put to trial and gets arrested. Unaware of Nihan’s suspicions, Kemal wonders how Ozan and Zeynep made such a mistake. As he searches to find out, the person he finds behind all this doesn’t surprise him. However, the connection he’ll make between his siblings and Emir is the kind that’ll change his life. This time, Kemal will put aside his brotherly bonds and confront Zeynep differently.

The surprise envelope Ozan gets at jail will be a turning point for him. His attacks will be unstoppably dangerous. Meanwhile, the bond between Emir and Asu also becomes a question to think about for Galip. In order to have his answers, he’ll have to find Hakkı.

Kemal and Nihan turn the biggest corners of their lives separately, but without losing from the love they have for each other. The critical decisions both will make will also decide the future of this love. At the end of the day, their endless love will be put to the biggest test there possibly is.

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