Poyraz Karayel | Poyraz turns himself in

Poyraz Karayel | Poyraz turns himself in
Neşet breaks free from the police and it means danger for Ayşegül
Episode 62 – Season Finale

Poyraz kills Sergei to save Ayşegül. Sergei’s father Boris takes an oath to find his son’s murderer. Much as Poyraz tries to avoid leaving a trace, Boris won’t give up so easily. Poyraz and his friends don’t feel okay with being free when Bahri is under arrest, so all of them turn themselves in. Yet there’s one thing Poyraz didn’t foresee. Neşet managed to escape from the police. Poyraz goes crazy after he hears about Neşet. He needs to get himself freed as soon as possible in order to protect Ayşegül. Meanwhile, Ayşegül is oblivious to the threat altogether. A very frightening night with lots of bloodshed awaits them...

Season finale on Kanal D, June 15th, at 20:00