Winter Sun | Efe's race against time for Nisan and Efruz

Winter Sun | Efe's race against time for Nisan and Efruz
Nisan is running out of time to start treatment, but Kürşat's men kidnap Nisan and Efruz
Episode 17

Wanting to punish Efe, Kürşat and his men kidnap Nisan. Nisan was supposed to check in to the hospital to start her treatment. She tries to escape the cabin she’s locked into but she gets caught soon after. Her health deteriorates.

Efe doesn’t know about Nisan’s kidnapping, nor does he know about her disease but he recognizes there’s something odd with the way Bora and Efruz act. Both are nervous about Nisan not showing up at the hospital. After pushing them a little, Efe learns about Nisan.

Right at that moment, Efe gets a phone call. The kidnappers tell him they’ll kill her if he doesn’t bring the money they want. Efe will save Nisan no matter what the cost is. However, let alone saving her, Efruz is also taken hostage. Since Efe knows that time works against Nisan, he confronts the kidnappers. Kürşat’s men pull the trigger without the tiniest bit of hesitation…

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