Life Song | Melek gives Hüseyin a rundown about Hülya and Cem

Life Song | Melek gives Hüseyin a rundown about Hülya and Cem
After hearing the details and Melek's slap against his face, Hüseyin calms down
Episode 19

Zeynep has exposed the past Cem and Hülya have together. Watching what Cem has to say in a video Zeynep gave him, Hüseyin is driven crazy and he takes the video to Melek, but gets a surprise reaction. Melek’s reaction to Hüseyin’s insults about Hülya calms him. However, Melek is enraged and gives a real summary of what happened with Cem to Hüseyin. Shaken by the things he heard, it becomes an issue for him to make Cem pay for the things he did. Nurgül goes After Aylin who put a false accusation on Kerim and then changed her mind. Nurgül is sure this is a tricky situation she’s dealing with. As she gets closer and closer to finding Aylin, Mahir and Hülya start a race against time to come up with a solution and take Aylin far away before they find her.

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