Love Again | Series Finale: Ultimate Survival

Love Again | Series Finale: Ultimate Survival
Right when they agree to settle, there's hope to leave the island still
Episode 59 – Series Finale

Having looked for ways to survive the island they’re cast away at, people are losing hope as more and more time passes by. They adjust to their new standards and start building a life over there. They want to elect a leader but it won’t be so easy. For leadership, candidate Fatih has Zeynep as his biggest rival and this causes divisions among the island residents. The guests they have over scare them at first. As they make plans to get rid of them, the news of a ship grounded at the other end of the island blooms their hope of leaving once again. Fatih and a couple of others prepare to cross to the other side of the island, it is a mystery if the guests they have will drive them to death or to complete survival.

Final episode of ‘Love Again’ is on Fox tonight at 20:00