Hayat Sevince Güzel | Savaş and Barış try to woo Zarife

Hayat Sevince Güzel | Savaş and Barış try to woo Zarife
Whatever trick they have up their sleeves, Savaş and Barış use all of them on Zarife to get the secret ingredient to the ointment
Episode 2

Savaş and Barış are at the other end of the rifle! Who’ll save them from Grandpa Halil’s wrath, will it be Zarife? What’s more, it’s not only the grandpa chasing them. The village headman and Rüstem also try their best to send away the Göçer family before they get settled for good at Şıpıldak Village. Having found a remedy for himself, Şinasi won’t settle for anything less either. On the one hand he tries to trick Grandpa Halil with numerous schemes while on the other, he advises his sons Barış and Savaş to follow different tactics. Osman will have to wait a little longer to marry Emine but he is miserable. Will he find his happy ending anytime soon? İlknur and Selen, who develop a quick crush on the new resident of the village, Savaş and Barış, have a huge obstacle to handle: Rüstem Ağa! Not only does he not understand the way of the heart, he also has no pity whatsoever. He punishes the girls relentlessly, but will they work?

Savaş and Barış try to impress Zarife non-stop. Until now, their competition is a tie but this time Barış gets one step closer to Zarife. Is Savaş going to be able to catch up with Barış and woo Zarife?

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