Broken Pieces | Ozan unleashes terror upon his return

Broken Pieces | Ozan unleashes terror upon his return
Ozan sells his company share to someone that'll shock Cihan
Episode 70

Hazal finds out it was Rahmi and Dilara who hospitalized Ozan and also that Cihan and Ayşe are a couple. Without wasting a second, she tells all about this to Ozan. Ozan rushes to Ayşe’s clinic. He is maddened to hear Harun’s name when he’s there.

Ozan sells his company shares to piss off his family after all that’s happened. It’s an utter shock for Cihan for him to do this; but an even bigger shock to find out who actually bought them. Meanwhile, Dilara returns from United States and meets Harun. He is about to lose her trust one more time...

Hazal is crazy with jealousy to find out Deniz proposed to Cansu and gave her a ring. With a ring in her hands, Hazal goes to Özgür’s door, oblivious that Özgür lives with his ex-girlfriend Yeliz. Özkan goes to Deniz’s café but in that exact moment, there’s a shooting, leaving everyone in the crossfire...

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