The Love of My Life | Someone needs to learn Japanese---fast!

The Love of My Life | Someone needs to learn Japanese---fast!
Demir assigns Gökçe as the Japanese translator, but guess who doesn't speak a word of it?
Episode 5

The preparations continue at the agency for the Japanese guests arriving soon. Gökçe suddenly becomes the designated interpreter after she lies to Demir about speaking Japanese in order to impress him. When the lie puts her in a difficult position, she comes up with a devilish plan. Rezzan decides to turn one room into a sports center after their fight with Hikmet over youth. She buys various gym tools and she’ll do everything to prove her youth. Bartu wants to make some easy money by doing business with a friend in the black market but things spiral out of control rather soon. Meanwhile, Sema thinks she is being cheated on. To make sure, she makes a plan with Nilay. As Kaan helps Gökçe put things back in order, he also deals with Hikmet who eagerly wants to buy a motorcycle.

New episode on Kanal D, Sunday June 12th, at 20:00


DİZİ-YORUM : SEZON 1 , Bölüm 9
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DİZİ-YORUM : SEZON 1 , Bölüm 48
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