LadyVille | The picnic showdown

LadyVille | The picnic showdown
Ferit and İsmail utilize the picnic to prove their intentions regarding İlkgün
Episode 8

Ferit is determined to keep İlkgün to himself. Everyone at the village busily prepares for a picnic to welcome Ramadan month. In this picnic, İlkgün will cook with Buralı İsmail and Ferit does everything to stop this. Ferit also makes various plans to reconcile his father and Düzgün. Meanwhile, although he thinks Bengisu has returned to İstanbul, she starts living at İsmail’s place. İsmail brothers are in a bind for welcoming Bengisu into their homes.

Koptagel is in serious trouble because of Fikri’s oldest son’s lie. On the one hand he has to deal with Döne’s interest in him, and on the other Reşat’s revolving around Elmas drives Koptagel mad. One way or the other, he’ll teach Reşat a lesson at the picnic.

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