46 Yok Olan | Will Murat say yes to hypnosis?

46 Yok Olan | Will Murat say yes to hypnosis?
Murat's worries about memory control make him think about treatment
Episode 11

Wanting to keep his memory and be able to control his mind after he takes the medication, Murat wonders how he’ll react to Ceyla’s hypnosis treatment. The threat continues for Doğan after he survives the assassination attempt. Necmi and Ferit come up with a new after their panic upon Doğan got shot. Necmi listens from Ferit about what happened. Füsun finally comes clean to her mother about the relationship with Salim. Also, Yıldız’s reaction to the relationship comes as a shock to Füsun. Thinking that Yıldız is responsible for all this chaos, Altan makes a surprising move. For the first time, Murat and Altan’s paths cross.

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