Back Streets : Selin held hostage

Back Streets : Selin held hostage
The police crew takes action to save Selin from Bekir
Episode 405

Selin is held hostage by Bekir. He changes location with Turgut and Erdal by his side. Rıza, Hakan and Aylin go after Selin. Meanwhile, As Mesut and Hüsnü keep Ayşe guarded at the witness protection center, she pulls an unexpected stunt while they’re transferring her with a police car to a safer location. She wards off Mesut and Hüsnü, and communicates with Bekir. Erdal takes his love Selin to his father Azmi’s mansion. Azmi is maddened and threatens Erdal. The police department holds a huge-scale meeting. Mesut questions himself as he tries to understand how they could leave Selin alone and his rage won’t fade away. Rıza and Arif talk to Intelligence officer Faruk and ask for his help to save Selin. Later, the police crew sets out to save Selin in one piece from Bekir and Erdal’s hold.

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