Intersection | Naz storms out after seeing Eylül with Ali Nejat

Intersection | Naz storms out after seeing Eylül with Ali Nejat
Eylül's presence causes more and more tension for Naz's relationship with Ali Nejat 
Episode 23

After seeing Eylül at Ali Nejat’s house, Naz leaves the house without letting him explain. Enver is now certain that his son Barış’s death was designed by Murat. However, he can’t help but wonder the reason behind Murat’s hostility after he practically raised him. Enver snoops around Murat’s safe to solve this mystery. In there, he comes by a document that could destroy Ali Nejat.

Feyza and Tarık see that now they have to reevaluate the situation after they neglected Ali Nejat’s every warning regarding Murat. Meanwhile, Tarık confronts Enver and makes him an incredibly generous offer to return the shares. It is complete destruction for Feyza to find out about this offer.

Angry about Genco’s declaration of love, Gökçe is oblivious that Emre is following her. He traps her in a room at the party house after he gets her alone. As he is about to show a different face of him, nobody is around to hear Gökçe’s cry for help…

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