Diriliş Ertuğrul | The march on the border begins

Diriliş Ertuğrul | The march on the border begins
After he loses the election, Ertuğrul leaves the camp with his supporters to go to the Byzantine border
Episode 61

Ertuğrul brings his brother to the camp who were injured during all that tumult. Sungur Tekin’s injury elevates tension in the tent. Gündoğdu holds Ertuğrul responsible for everything and says he is the reason for all that’s happening because he didn’t listen to them. Two brothers have a serious conflict to handle. On top of the conflict, Hayme’s arrival only intensifies the situation. Hayme is devastated to find out Sungur Tekin is wounded. What’s been going on among Süleyman Şah’s children is spiraling out of control. Gündoğdu demands from his mother to gather the council and Hayme agrees. Gündoğdu foresees that by leading his people he can both stop Ertuğrul and also save their future as a community. However, Ertuğrul also runs for leadership and the competition is strong. After the election, Gündoğdu is victorious and becomes the new leader of his people. Upon this recent events, Ertuğrul declares that he’ll march to the Byzantine border with people who support him and leaves the camp. Despite Hayme’s every effort to stop him, Ertuğrul doesn’t change his mind. Their division is in session.

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