Endless Love | Kemal and Asu get engaged

Endless Love | Kemal and Asu get engaged
Though both Kemal and Nihan think this is the end for their love, that won't be the case
Episode 34

The impact of the secret Asu brought forward in order to release herself from Emir’s grasp gets out of control. Nihan makes the toughest decision of her life for the man she loves. Kemal confronts Emir and Nihan in a way that can’t be taken back and the biggest loss of this confrontation will be Nihan’s.

Kemal’s rage doesn’t die despite Asu’s every effort. Zeynep is up for a big test when she sees Kemal in front of her. Meanwhile, Emir and Nihan’s face-off goes all the way back to Ozan. All the imbalance push Emir to come up with a plan that’ll solve everything. He offers Asu a new deal. Ozan, on the other hand, makes the worst decision of his life with Zeynep’s successful manipulation.

Kemal and Nihan now have miles between them, especially after Nihan went back to Emir; and with the last big event they have to endure the distance will only grow bigger. It is time for Kemal to erase Nihan from his life for good. Unaware that Asu is fighting a battle of her own, Kemal decides to build a future with her.

Nihan’s heart is burdened with the news of Kemal’s decision. When the two face each other, the two lovers realize they are far from each other despite their endless love.

In order to complete his master plan, Emir must take one final step during Kemal’s engagement ceremony. As Asu feels Emir’s shadow above her on the happiest day of her life, Kemal reunites with Nihan one last time before the engagement. Although they think this is farewell, destiny has other plans. The engagement night is the harbinger of a storm coming…

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