Poyraz Karayel | Neşet takes Ayşegül hostage

Poyraz Karayel | Neşet takes Ayşegül hostage
Neşet tries to bargain but Ayşegül's escape ruins his plans
Episode 61

Neşet kidnaps Ayşegül. Both Poyraz and Bahri are losing it! Neşet offers Poyraz a barter. In exchange for the papers he took from Aysen Berk’s notebook, he agrees to return Ayşegül. Yet this plan goes to waste upon Ayşegül’s escape from him. Neşet, however, manages to capture her again. During this chase, Poyraz is caught by the police. He ends up behind bars without being able to do anything. Meanwhile Bahri makes a great sacrifice and offers the prosecutor a deal to make. Neşet takes cover at the Russian embassy with the help of his Russian friends which makes saving Ayşegül all the more impossible. Poyraz doesn’t intend on giving up though...

New episode on Kanal D, June 8th, at 20.00