Life Song | Hüseyin learns the secret about Mehmet

Life Song | Hüseyin learns the secret about Mehmet
Filiz's approach to Mehmet exposes a secret Hüseyin isn't ready to digest
Episode 18

Filiz finally musters up the courage to see Mehmet, with the support she receives from her sister Nurgül. She gets Mehmet from Ceylan’s hands and spends some time with him after she visits the facility Kerim and Hüseyin play basketball at. Meanwhile, Hülya is on her way to see Kerim. The couple notices Filiz’s presence at the same time. Hüseyin figures out that Mehmet isn’t Hülya and Kerim’s child together after he witnesses the fight between Filiz, Kerim and Hülya. Even though Kerim tells him what happened and tries to soothe him, it doesn’t help Hüseyin. He tells Hülya that he’ll never forgive her for fooling the entire family and decides to come clean to his family about the situation.

New episode on Kanal D this Tuesday, June 7th, at 20.00