Broken Pieces | Ayşe caught between two fires

Broken Pieces | Ayşe caught between two fires
Ayşe becomes the true victim of her oblivion to Cihan and Harun's common past
Episode 69

After finding out Ayşe’s boyfriend is Cihan, Harun storms into the hotel where they are vacationing. Cihan is shocked to find out Ayşe’s ‘big brother’s is none other than Harun. He immediately thinks Ayşe’s every move is an ambush and she set this whole thing up.

Harun and Maide think no differently either. They also believe Cihan systematically built a relationship with Ayşe for revenge. Both Harun and Maide tell Ayşe to rule Cihan out of her life. Ayşe is caught between a crossfire.

Dilara goes to the US after finding out about her mother’s illness. Harun hears that she’s not home so he doesn’t allow Demir Alaz to stay at the mansion. He comes up with the solution of kidnapping him! Meanwhile, Cihan is confused as to which crisis to handle first. He walks into Ozan’s room at the asylum, devastated to see his own son...

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