The Love of My Life | Gökçe partners with Demir's mother

The Love of My Life | Gökçe partners with Demir's mother
They make plans together to reveal Yeliz's true colors

Episode 4

Gökçe is upset about Demir getting intimate with Yeliz so she seeks solace next to Kaan and Sema. She is disappointed to see what’s going on after everything she did to get close with Demir herself. Bartu continues to be a pain in the neck for the family and his current target is Sema. Hikmet, on the other hand, tries various interesting things to look young for Rezzan. Yonca is convinced that the love of her life is her ex Altan, and she invites Rezzan over to see it. Yet, Altan has entirely different plans. Meanwhile, the agency strikes a great opportunity for business and Demir appoints Gökçe and Eylem for the deed. This means so much to Gökçe as she wants to use the opportunity to impress Demir. While all this goes down, Gökçe learns Yeliz’s true intention. Gökçe collaborates with Demir’s mother Nesrin in a plan to prove to Demir that Yeliz has different intentions than those she reveals.

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