Baba Can'dır | Season ends with two weddings!

Baba Can'dır | Season ends with two weddings!
Ece and Haluk, as well as Ceylan and Emrecan finally tie the knot
Episode 41

Wedding bells toll at last! Ece, Haluk, Ceylan and Emrecan apply for a marriage date. Who will the wedding be sponsored by becomes a conflict between the families. Ceylan and Ece experience a rather unfortunate event and consequently has to buy a very expensive wedding gown. They want to repair the damage and return it so they want Nermin and Bahar to help them but their help makes it even worse. Müjde attempts suicide after losing her husband, her house and her reputation. This softens things between Müjde and Adnan. After her apology from everyone, Müjde will be put through a test by a news Aslı brings. Salih’s sickness worsens while he runs around trying to handle wedding business. Will his sickness overshadow the wedding day? Will Adnan fully forgive Müjde? What’s the news Aslı brings? What’s the unpleasant surprise at the wedding?

Season finale airs this Sunday at 20.00