O Hayat Benim | Efsun's cold case not so cold?

O Hayat Benim | Efsun's cold case not so cold?
New police chief tries to resurrect Efsun's closed case, making Efsun nervous
Episode 97

And the past knocks on the door... And the person knocking will not only affect Sultan and Efsun’s lives, but everyone’s! New police chief for criminal investigation Ömer Aziz starts snooping around Efsun’s old case. Everything assumed covered and buried will be brought to daylight by him. Seeing that the chief is a no-nonsense type of officer, Efsun understands what kind of trouble she must just be in for. For her, there’s nothing else other than her love for Arda and her baby that she can derive strength from. Meanwhile, Bahar and Efsun enjoy the thrill of expecting a baby at the same time. Yet Tayfun’s reaction breaks Bahar’s high. Ateş does everything in order to release his father from the prison but his efforts will reveal some hard-to-swallow facts...

New episode on Fox, 5th of June, at 20.00