LadyVille | Ferit makes a plan to reunite the fathers

LadyVille | Ferit makes a plan to reunite the fathers
Will Fikri and Düzgün set aside their conflict?
Episode 7

İsmail brothers bring Bengisu to the village with the intention of ruining Ferit’s reputation, however they run into Ferit on their way. Ferit lies to Bengisu and tells her they are going back to İstanbul to lure her back to where she came from. After hearing this, İsmail brothers are psyched that Ferit is returning to İstanbul and break the news to İlkgün. İlkgün is upset to hear it but she finally knows she loves Ferit when he shows up again.

Ferit works hard to make their fathers’ relationship better and tries to build bridges. He asks the elderlies of the village for help and they make a plan to reconcile Fikri and Düzgün. Thinking that he finally has everything under control, he soon discovers he underestimated Bengisu’s stubborn nature, because Bengisu has a plan of her own to punish Ferit as well...

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