46 Yok Olan | Ezo wakes up

46 Yok Olan | Ezo wakes up
With his trials working for Ezo, Murat has no intention to stop, despite the murders...
Episode 10

The transformation Murat went under is noticed by many. Yet Murat is determined to continue until Ezo wakes up. Meanwhile, Doğan starts working to uncover the murders Murat committed. Still, it won’t be easy to get Selin on his side. Ferit and Yıldız don’t like the idea of Murat learning more details about his father’s murder. Ferit won’t accept the solution proposed by Vecdi. Nevertheless, Yıldız will still do what she wants.

What will Ceyla’s reaction be like after she’s shocked to see Ezo walking? Salim takes a look at his own life and the things he has done for Murat...What results will their dispute bear?

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