Back Streets | The crew tries to stop a truck with Ali in it

Back Streets | The crew tries to stop a truck with Ali in it
Ali is in danger and the crew tries to save him before it's too late
Episode 404

The empty truck that is going towards the terrorists proceeds from İstanbul to Diyarbakır with its driver and Ali by his side. The highway police starts monitoring the truck from afar. Pınar complains to her father for not being able to see Ali enough because he is always on call. By accident, Rıza lets it slip that Ali isn’t in fact in İstanbul. Tarık’s daughter Efsun is taken to the police station to give testimony and Tarık is upset to see that his daughter is getting dragged in the middle of things. He tells Rıza that Azmi isn’t an enemy to be underestimated and nothing is as easy as they plan. Azmi snaps at Erdal and Haldun about Tarık stalling him off and Efsun being rescued. They find out the truck driver is collaborating with the police. Azmi demands the organization be notified and necessary cautions be taken. The truck is now in great danger, with Ali in it.

New episode on Kanal D, Friday June 3rd, at 20.00