The Return | Kaan in the wrong place at the wrong time

The Return | Kaan in the wrong place at the wrong time
Orhan keeps wondering if his loved ones will always have to pay the price for him
Episode 12

Orhan asks Murat the question of a lifetime: “Do people who stand by me have to die?” Whoever stood up for him or asked for his help in Orhan’s life has become a target of his enemies one way or the other. Is Orhan ever going to be permanently successful in fighting his enemies?

Orhan’s personal war with Oğuz Doğu will hurt the person he cares about the most: his son Kaan. Adile is mad when she finds out what went down between Kaan and Bahar, and she tries to convince her son about the impossibility of this romance. Kaan has a hard time understanding the reasons behind his parents’ truth. When he goes to the factory to talk to his father, Kaan is where he wasn’t mean to be at all. Will Orhan fight for revenge? Will Adile let her son slip away from her safety net?

New episode on ATV, June 3rd, at 20.00