Black Rose | Kendal behind bars at last

Black Rose | Kendal behind bars at last
Kendal will have plenty of time to self-reflect

Even though bad days are over upon Kendal’s arrest, the Şamverdi family still mourns the passing of their lost ones.
It is time for Kendal to face all the murders he committed. It is court day and with Kendal’s confessions of the things he did in cold blood, Baran loses himself in anger. As Kendal is put behind bars, his biggest punishment will be to be left alone with his conscience and ultimately confront his son Mehdi’s death all by himself.
The remaining Şamverdi members, the ones that survived the hell designed by Kendal, go back to their mansion now filled with deadly silence. It is time for everyone to find their own balance now, and it is already time for them to make difficult decisions.

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