Intersection | Eylül and Ali Nejat meet at last

Intersection | Eylül and Ali Nejat meet at last
The two reunite for the first time after Barış's death
Episode 22

Eylül is surprised to see Ali Nejat in front of her after all these years. Ali Nejat is more surprised that Eylül is still wearing the necklace that symbolized their great love. Having avoided Eylül’s requests to meet, Ali Nejat doesn’t fight it any longer. Eylül shows up at Ali Nejat’s house. Incidentally, in the same moments, Naz is driving towards Ali Nejat’s place.

Tarık is infuriated to find out that, despite Ali Nejat’s heavy warnings, after turning them over to Murat, his company shares now belong to Enver. Tarık now has a confrontation to handle with Murat. This move surprises Murat. His marriage proposal to Feyza is the last straw for Enver. He connects the pieces from the past: he is now certain that Barış’s death isn’t an accident.

Hasan finds out his daughter Didem’s debt is paid by an anonymous helper. He goes to Ali Nejat, thinking that it’s him and wants to give thanks. However, Ali Nejat is oblivious to even the issue of debt. Everybody starts wondering about this mysterious person. In the meantime, Hasan passes down an important information to Ali Nejat without noticing.

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