Wedlock | Aylin will have to make a difficult choice

Wedlock | Aylin will have to make a difficult choice
Aylin faces a tough call as she needs to choose between her children and her conscience
Episode 22

Aylin refuses to be cleared by herself so she goes to prison alongside Handan, Zafer and Filiz. After Yılmaz hears about Handan’s arrest, he decides to finish Yekta for good and passes down the most important information he has to Sabri. He talks about Coşkun’s letter that remained a secret between the brothers up until now. If they can prove Yekta hit Selçuk, then it will be the end of the road for Yekta while everyone else get back their freedom. Meanwhile, İdil and Gökhan also make an effort to prove Selçuk is alive and he is Yekta’s prisoner.

While everyone strive for Aylin and the others, Filiz treats Aylin terribly in jail. She is determined to have her sign the papers that Yekta needs. Aylin doesn’t take her seriously, but she is desperate after Handan’s health deteriorates. She is stuck between the choices of her conscience and giving up the custody of her children.

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