Endless Love | Will justice prevail?

Endless Love | Will justice prevail?
Will Emir Kozcuoğlu dodge the bullet once again?
Episode 33

The night that’s been swept under the rug successfully for years is finally meeting daylight. Nihan is angry at Kemal for casting the first stone. Kemal, however, faithfully awaits justice for Emir and Ozan. The person least worried about Emir and Ozan is Asu for sure. Hakkı will be more surprised to see Asu in front of him more than she’ll ever be.

The whole family races to help Emir and Ozan. As Ozan’s toughest battle that he dreaded for years begins, Emir takes an oath to avenge this one more time, determined to find his sister and make her pay. If Asu stands any chance, it is with the help of the flash drive currently in her uncle’s possession.

Inevitably, Kemal faces the wrath of Nihan as a consequence of initiating this process. As she stands up to him, she’ll defend the most precious thing for her: Ozan. No matter how much Kemal expresses that his only aim is to show justice to Emir, Nihan is overcome by her disappointment and fury.

Knowing that it’s only a matter of time before Emir gets out, Asu finds solace and safety by Kemal’s side. As she tries to hide from Emir, she knows exactly what’s coming for her. Every minute she spends apart from those flash drives, Emir catches up to her.

As Ozan is fighting his battle behind bars, Zeynep is fighting one of her own outside, targeted by Nihan’s suspicions. Having escaped Nihan thanks to Asu, Zeynep will make the bargain of her life with Emir.

At the end of the day, several confrontations are in store. As Asu and Emir finally face each other, it will also mean a face-off for Kemal and Nihan as well.

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