Life Song | An unpleasant surprise

Life Song | An unpleasant surprise
Kerim and Hülya face Filiz, and his potential accomplice Mahir
Episode 17

The trio of Filiz, Nurgül and Mahir confront Hülya and Kerim. Filiz is filled with confidence after the fortune she inherited, as well as her sister’s support on her side. Kerim and Hülya, who think Filiz is in an institution in Germany, are appalled to see her. Mahir didn’t share any of this information with Hülya, and he also acts unfriendly and distant towards her. Hülya grows nervous as she suspects Mahir might have changed sides. Not getting any answer to her calls, Hülya goes after Mahir. Meanwhile, Zeynep makes Cem an appealing collaboration offer to include him in the war she started against the Cevher family.

New episode on Kanal D, May 31st, at 20.00