Bandits | Hızır ends up alone with his baby

Bandits | Hızır ends up alone with his baby
To punish Nazlı, Hızır separates her from the baby
Episode 38

Hızır ends up with his baby in his arms after the punishment he gives Nazlı. His next move is going to be a total surprise for Meryem. Thinking that she is starting to lose her love as well as her baby, Nazlı is clueless about her next move. Hızır’s forgiveness won’t come without a fight. The move that will unleash chaos will come from Nurten and her undying hatred towards Meryem.

Toprak’s revenge-driven nephew Hakan starts turning plans into reality without wasting a second. With Alparslan ambushed, first blood will be shed for the cause. Meanwhile, Ünal Kaplan will reserve the seat on his table to a strategic someone that’ll help him in the long run. Even though he makes plans to give it to Fikret, other members react differently. In order to secure his seat on the same table, the decision Özkan makes to destroy Fikret will affect Emine the most.

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