Love Again | Family therapy in session

Love Again | Family therapy in session
The therapy seems to work as Zeynep and Fatih take some time off
Episode 57

The whole family is devastated after Selim is kidnapped. Fatih and Zeynep’s desire to get away from the tension drive the family to finally take a look at their own dysfunctions and get better. Mukaddes claims she can solve this issue and convinces the family to go to counseling sessions. All family members start seeing therapist Mülayim Mutlu Hepşen (Benign Happy EverMerry), first in one-on-one sessions and then as a group. For Mukadder, however, the therapist holds particular importance. Even though the therapy has positive results, the man whom they think to be their therapist isn’t who they think it is.

New episode on Fox, Tuesday May 31st, at 20.00